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  • Our Pledge

    NaturalRockeStarz pledges to incorperate sustainable practices such as the Three R's. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.
    Through these actions, we strive to leave as little Ecological Footprint as possible. We also pledge to not partake in "Fairy Dusting" This is when a company uses an almost undetectable amount of the botanical into their product. This is done for the sole purpose of being able to state that ingredient in the product label. Companies that practice this will often proceed by making that ingredient out to be the major feature of said product. Here at Natural Rocke Starz , we do not play that !! Each ingredient stated has a specific purpose in our products and we use enough so that the benefits from stated ingredients can be received when using our products.

  • Disclaimer

    We at NaturalRockeStarz are not medical professionals, and do not claim that the use of any of our products will treat or have a positive effect on any preexisting medical, physical, or mental ailments. All information stated in our listings pertain to specific ingredients found in our products.

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Whipped Body Butters

Sheayy Natural Rocke Starz !! Its that time of the year again ..... Beautiful Summer !!! Unfortunately this also means our Amazing Whipped Body Butters will not be available during the months of May Threw the third week of September for shipping. We are saddened by this, but we just felt the Extra cost and stress for us & our customers to pay for Express/Overnight shipping & extra weight and cost for packaging and dry ice to still not guarantee Butters getting held up in transit and Melt was too much. We could add stabilizers to allow it to withstand the heat , but then we would be compromising the integrity of the "All Natural Whipped Body Butters" you know & Love. To formulate and supply Our Loyal Natural Rocke Starz with anything, less then our best just isn't an Option. Please Enjoy & Love our many All Natural & like no other Artisan Skin Care Products!

Peace & Love

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