About Us

Shea’ayyy Rocke Starz!


I'm Roxy & I Own, Run & Operate a Small  All natural Health and Skin Care & Cosmetic Business with my Two Powerful & Amazing Daughters zaina & Christine.

Natural Rocke Staz was created through a combination of our shared love for horticulture, nature, and everything in its natural state. What started off as us making skin care products for ourselves and gifting them to close family members and friends, quickly grew into receiving requested orders from mutual friends, co-workers, etc. Over the years, the requests became larger, so we decided to make our products available to anyone who also wanted natural products without having to worry about the yucky ingredients inside.

Our mission is to create/ provide clean, natural ingredients that are safe yet effective, while leaving as little ecological footprints as possible. Each ingredient in our products were methodically thought out and tested with YOU in mind. We’re extending our once,  just family/ friend tradition to you with open arms so Rocke Starz get ready!

Do yourself and your skin a huge favor, help your skin look and feel the way nature intended by shopping with us.


-The Rocke Starz Crew